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Wattchoice is a company with a mission to find the best solution for our customers.
We recommend the most appropriate technological solution, taking into account the needs of the client.
We follow with great interest and dedication all the technological developments related to the energy area, we strongly develop ecological solutions by applying a deep study in the areas of renewable energy.

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We carry out installations in areas with higher incidence of solar thermal, solar photovoltaic and wind energy, making installations connected to the network, with more emphasis in this phase of microgeneration systems, facilities or systems isolated self-sufficient.
We handle the entire process for the installation of a micro solution.
We carry out central heating installations, air conditioners and heat pumps.
We promote a strong action in this phase of training, especially in the areas of renewable energy. We seek to inform all our customers, alerting them to possible situations in order to make a choice appropriate to their needs and possibilities.